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Giveaway Info

Official rules and winner announcements effective 9.13.2015
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Here are our giveaway guidelines:
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~You must been at least 18 years old to win
~You may share once a day for each entry
Most giveaways that are posted in Monday's end on the following Thursday and giveaways originally posted as a status update on Thursday typically end on Sunday of that same week unless otherwise noted.
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~Winners will be given 1 week from the time of posting to claim their prize

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winner announcements:

ended 5.12.16
Love you more- Sarah Casebier
God has you in His arms- Tammy Sarrazin
Mermaid at heart- Tonya Johnson Batchelor

ended 4.28:
Moon and back: Lindsey Jordan Wilson
Teach Believe Inspire: Shaughn Suitts-Bingham

Ended 4.24.16. Aqua bushel - Darcy Hoskins

ended 4.7.16
Current giveaway winners are as follows....
God gave me you: Felicia Whitrock-Wyatt
Baseball Mom: Chandra Robinson Sawyer
Forever my angel: Barbara Stanisci

ended 4.1.16
Winner for the moon and back necklace is Jamie Nelson

ended 3.24.16
God has bangle bracelet: Jill Daignault
Moon and back wrap bracelet: Suzanne Broussard Sims
Cream bushel and a peck necklace: Connie Runnestrand

Ended 3.17.16
Bushel stretch bracelet: Jesse Johnston
Pink God gave me you: Jenny Warren
Mermaid at Heart: Diane Sweeney

Ended 3.13.16:
as long as necklace:
Denise Edmonds Sauer

Ended 3.10
Love and coffee necklace: Kathy Schneider Gilmore
God has you in his arms, antique bronze necklace: Barb Cherry
Tree of life bangle: Sandra Payne

Ended 2.28.16 Lucky oval pendant necklace: Barb Cunard Polgar

Ended: 2.25.16
Giveaway winners for the following items are:
She believed she could so she did:Sheryl Noelle Krey
God gave me you bronze necklace:Tammy Lee Stookey
Blessed wrap:Kari Scull

Ended 2.18
God gave me you necklace: Amanda Coale
Aqua bushel and peck necklace: RayDianna Huffman
Custom oval necklace: Cassidy Jeffery
ended 2.11.16
Tree of life: Cheri Murphy
She leaves a little sparkle: Brandie Henderson Beckham

ended 2.4.16:
Owl you need is love necklace: Anne Bisaha Lembcke
Moon and back oval necklace: Meghan Elyse
God has you in his arms silver necklace:
Diana Van Houten

Ended 1/28:
Broncos necklace: Laurie Geiser
Panthers necklace: Jessica Meddaugh
God gave me you Aqua necklace: Susan Cannatella
Love you more necklace: Nicole Marroquin
Ended 1/21/16:
Sparkle bracelet: Karen Ringwald
God has bronze necklace: Anita Smith
God gave me you silver/script necklace: April Young Lowe
ended 1/6: Love seal necklace: Rachel Salisbury
Always be a unicorn: Christine Dewater
Love you more wrap bracelet: Maria Elena Fratangeli

Ended 12/11:
Giveaway winners are as follows:
Blessed wrap: Wendy Phipps
Believe santa necklace: Ericka Brown
Pink Bushel and a Peck: Sarah Reece Clark

Ended 12/4:
Giveaway winners are as follows:
Teach believe inspire wrap: Felicia Brumm
Aqua bushel and a peck: Kris Garvey
Moon and back rustic necklace: Roxanne McKinnon Mccord

11/22- rain wrap :
ended 11/19-
Owl you need is love: Susie Mulder
Blessed personalized wrap: Margaret Maggie Porter
Family/ Tree of life necklace: Catrina Long Boggs

Ended 11/15
ended 11.12-
Bushel and a peck in cream: Linda Hagen-piercy
Teach wrap bracelet: Renae Adamski
God gave me you toggle necklace: Mary Rose Shadrick

Ended 11.8 God gave me you wrap bracelet -
Elizabeth Weaver
Ended 11.5-
Capture life: Ashley Cuevas
Moon and back: Robin Kyle Barnard
Pink bushel and peck: Teresa Miller

Ended 11.1: Winner for the Christmas/Cure necklace is Amanda Burling.

Ended 10.29: Winners for the following items are....
Strength Shield necklace: Cyndi Lee Kamke-Young
Sugar skull necklace: Chesica Brown
God gave me you metal seal necklace: Brooke Joyner.

Ended 10.22
Bushel and a peck necklace, Aqua: Kristy Whitewing
You are my sunshine bracelet: Aimee Monroe
Custom oval necklace with name charm(s): Chris Mrozinski

ended 10.18.15 heart infinity bangle:
Ended 10.11.15- be brave bangle bracelet winner is Megan Painter.

ended 10.8.15
Winners for the following items are:
Owl wrap bracelet: Jeanine Linnea Griffith
God has necklace: Sheryl Lysy-Gorsuch
Scroll love necklace: Shelby Collier.

Giveaway ended 10.3.15 -
pink bushel and a peck necklace is Kate Richey Jarema.
Giveaways ended 10.1.15:
Ghost necklace: Tina Bornheimer
Scallop Moon and back necklace: Tracy Williams Campbell
Saint/sinner necklace: Chrissy DeClue Gibson

Giveaway ended 9.27.15.
Winner for the initial ampersand necklace with cream background is Pam Driskell.

Giveaways ended 9.24.15
Bushel and a peck scallop necklace: Chrissy Moon Loewer
She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes: Amanda Renee Sommers
God has you in his arms: Shelley Streeter